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MAGNIFY (STEM Sisters digital magazine) aims to highlight the importance of diversity and inclusion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in Australia and the contributions of women of colour (WoC) in STEM. Through this magazine, we hope to encourage more people to join or support our community, recognise the problems faced by culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) women in STEM and spotlight and portray women scientists with diverse racial and national identities to increase their presence in the media enable young women to imagine themselves as future scientists as traditional media is gendered and stereotypes.

STEM Women born overseas face more than four times higher unemployment than those born in Australia. Many are underemployed and experience career stagnation due to inequality and discrimination that continues to be a barrier. STEM Sisters emperors STEM WoC through various award-winning initiatives and MAGNIFY, a quarterly digital magazine to empower STEM women of colour.

MAGNIFY mirrors Australian society and the realities of Women of colour (WoC) in STEM. By uncovering startling statistics that were until recently unknown, MAGNIFY breaks down the role of bias, racism and intersectionality that affect Women in STEM.

MAGNIFY  includes interviews with volunteers, successful STEM women in academic and industry and women entrepreneurs, STEM women reading PhDs, STEM women mothers and successful journeys of STEM international students, which offer an honest, raw and insightful look into their journeys and advice for future STEM women. Hearing from women who have experienced similar journeys to the students, future students, and early graduate readers provides a sensitive understanding of the relevant issues affecting STEM WoC in Victoria.

MAGNIFY connects and empowers STEM women in Victoria at multiple levels, including future STEM women, domestic and international students, postgraduates and industry leaders. Interviews, promotion of upcoming events, and helpful resource links assist in growing professional networks, career growth, professional development and support of WoC intersectionality with a particular focus on Victoria. MAGNIFY aims to achieve professional liberation for WoC from historically underrepresented backgrounds. This is done using cultural, structural and interdisciplinary sources to create knowledge.

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FOUNDER and director of stem sisters


Dr Fernando has a strong history of advocating for gender equity in STEM especially addressing the intersectional challengers faced by WOC in STEM. She was recognised for her efforts and awarded a STEM Women Changemaker by the Australian Academy of Science and the Melbourne Asian game changer award by Asia Society.


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