How we got started with MAGNIFY

MAGNIFY, the digital magazine by STEM Sisters, is a powerful advocate for diversity and inclusion within Australia’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) landscape. Our mission is clear: to shed light on the invaluable contributions of Women of Colour (WoC) in STEM and foster a more inclusive community. Through MAGNIFY, we aspire to achieve several critical objectives:

1. Encouraging Inclusivity: Our magazine is a rallying call to inspire individuals to actively join or support our community. By spotlighting the issues faced by culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) WoC in STEM, we hope to provoke thought and drive change.

2. Representation Matters: We recognize that representation is a powerful tool for empowerment. By showcasing WoC scientists with diverse racial and national identities, we aim to amplify their presence in the media. Our goal is to enable young women to envision themselves as future scientists, challenging the gendered stereotypes often perpetuated in traditional media.

3. Addressing Disparities: We acknowledge that STEM Women of Colour (WOC) often encounter unemployment rates over four times higher than their Australian-born counterparts. Many face underemployment and career stagnation due to persistent inequalities and discrimination. MAGNIFY, along with STEM Sisters’ award-winning initiatives, stands as an empowering force dedicated to levelling the playing field for WOC in STEM.

4. Unveiling Realities: MAGNIFY mirrors Australian society and the lived experiences of Women of Colour (WOC) in STEM. By revealing eye-opening statistics that were previously hidden, our magazine confronts the roles of bias, racism, and intersectionality, which deeply impact WOC in STEM.

5. Diverse Narratives: Within the pages of MAGNIFY, you will find a rich tapestry of stories. These include interviews with dedicated volunteers, accomplished STEM women of colour in academia and industry, visionary women entrepreneurs, and those pursuing STEM Ph.D.s, STEM mothers juggling careers and family, and inspiring journeys of international STEM students. These narratives offer a candid, unfiltered, and insightful look into their experiences and provide invaluable guidance to future WOC in STEM.

6. Empowering Connections: MAGNIFY serves as a bridge that connects and empowers WOC in STEM in Australia across various levels. We facilitate networking, promote upcoming events, and offer resource links to enhance professional growth and development. Our focus extends to supporting the intersectionality of WOC, working towards professional liberation from historically underrepresented backgrounds.

7. Building Knowledge: We employ a multi-dimensional approach, drawing from cultural, structural, and interdisciplinary sources to create knowledge. Through this approach, we aim to dismantle barriers, foster understanding, and promote inclusivity.

MAGNIFY stands as a beacon of empowerment and change, illuminating the path towards a more inclusive and diverse STEM community in Australia and beyond.

STEM Sisters


FOUNDER and director of stem sisters


Dr Fernando has a strong history of advocating for gender equity in STEM especially addressing the intersectional challengers faced by WOC in STEM. She was recognised for her efforts and awarded a STEM Women Changemaker by the Australian Academy of Science and the Melbourne Asian game changer award by Asia Society.


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