2nd Issue

december 2021


2nd Issue

The second edition of Magnify focused on the success of STEM Sisters’ recent projects, such as the Ambassador Program’s launch and first two workshops, as well as the inaugural Dress to Impress launch. We followed the success stories of STEM women who had overcome gender and racial barriers.

Dr. Bhavika Unnadkat spoke about her experience as a mother working in the STEM field and how she overcame her own expectations. We covered Jerusha Marther’s STEM Phd narrative, in which she discussed her research on non-invasive brain stimulation and strength training in people with spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy, as well as how she came across this study. There are plenty of more unique pieces to read, so be sure to have a look. We also cover intriguing cultural origins and events, as well as a variety of other subjects.


What a wild, unexpected, and FANTASTIC ride with STEM Sisters. 2021 was an eventful year as we launched three new initiatives Ambassador Program, Dress To  Impress and STEM Sisters Magazine –  MAGNIFY.

Magnify, the inaugural edition was released in September 2021, attracted a sizeable number of readers across the world. According to our statistics, over 1000 people accessed the magazine worldwide, including the United States of America, India, France, Italy, and Australia.

This magazine has genuinely taught me the power of sisterhood, which is the real reason I created the magazine in the first place – to connect and share the stories of STEM women of colour.

I am very grateful for every supporter that I crossed paths with.  A very special thanks to STEM Sisters volunteers and Advisory  Panel members for their exceptional support during 2021.

All the MAGNIFY contributors are incredibly passionate about STEM diversity, empowering each other, and celebrating the sisterhood.

I hope that you will find these articles as inspiring, encouraging and energising as I found them while I had the privilege of compiling this magazine.


Dr Ruwangi Fernando

STEM Sisters – Founder and Director

MAGNIFY – Editor-in-Chief

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