1st Issue

September 2021


1st Issue

In our first edition, Dr Muneera Banu will captivate you with her story overcame challenges as a woman of colour in the STEM field. Ms Claudia Viloria shared her journey to assist Latin and Hispanic women to succeed in Australia.

Dr Nadeeka’s story will guide you through balancing personal life and professional life.Don’t miss it and read other interesting figures stories in MAGNIFY. There are also many fascinated facts about innovation, the pay gap, and other issues about diversity.


What started as a passion project to empower STEM Women of Colour during my PhD journey as an international student in 2017 has turned into a formal organisation, STEM Sisters. Our latest initiative is “MAGNIFY”, a digital magazine that you can now grip in the palm of your hands (or devices).

Welcome to STEM Sisters Magazine – MAGNIFY is the first of its kind dedicated to empowering STEM women of colour in Australia. More than a publication, it’s a platform to spotlight, inspire, and encourage our STEM women of colour community as It’s my mission to drive the agenda of intersectionality, not just gender, in the Australian STEM sector by encouraging everyone to join or support our community, , create awareness of the issues faced by migrant women and international students in STEM and emphasising the importance of diversity as the core of innovation.

It has been a wild, unexpected, and absolutely fantastic ride and I am very grateful for each and every supporter that I crossed paths with.  A very special thanks to STEM Sisters volunteers and Advisory  Panel members.

It is my hope that you will find these articles as inspiring, encouraging and energising as I found them as I had the privilege of compiling this magazine.


Dr Ruwangi Fernando

STEM Sisters – Founder and Director

MAGNIFY – Editor-in-Chief

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