june 2022


4th Issue

Our fourth issue of MAGNIFY features many achievements of women of colour in STEM along with a special article on STEM Sisters receives the #TechDiversity Award this year in the Business category, beating other 23 nominees from various inspiring initiatives. In Big Sisters STEM Story we talked with Manjula Shaw, Head of Delivery in NAB who teaches us to never draw borderline about what women should do and men should do.

For any of you who wants to build a career abroad, Sayuri Fonseka will share her success story to work as Senior Analyst at KPMG Australia. We also have an interview with Shohail Ibne Mahbub a branding expert who is also a volunteer in STEM Sisters. You can also picture yourself building a career in STEM by taking a glimpse of our research about Women in STEM. Debolina Majumdar from RMIT University in her PhD story will tell you about the character of a novel protein. Also, we will introduce you to Shamila Gopalan and Dr Morley Muse that will encourage you to be a proud woman of colour and has a brilliant mind. You can find all of these inspiring stories in our 4th issue!


It is an absolute pleasure to welcome you to MAGNIFY 4th issue.

The recent results of the 2021 Census data showed Australia is a “fast-changing, growing and culturally diverse nation”, with a majority (51.5%) of the nation revealing they were born overseas or have an immigrant parent.  Does this representation reflect in places where decisions are made?

Today visibility is more critical than ever, and with it, the way we communicate it: Through MAGNIFY, STEM Sisters pay special attention to diversity and inclusion in the STEM sector and especially to women of colour in STEM as we share their stories with you.

I hope that reading this magazine will have an impact on and encourage you to have an impact on others. We may never know how much our words or actions influence the lives of those around us. But we can choose daily to positively influence others in a way that could change the rest of their lives, even if it’s just within the walls of where we work or study.

I congratulate every contributor who allowed STEM Sisters to produce the 4th issue of STEM Sisters digital  Magazine: your efforts are not to be taken for granted.

I am delighted that you are joining us as readers and hope you will also join us as contributors.


Dr Ruwangi Fernando

STEM Sisters – Founder and Director

MAGNIFY – Editor-in-Chief

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