3rd Issue

March 2022


3rd Issue

March is the month where Women are celebrated internationally and we STEM Sisters dedicated our MAGNIFY 3rd issue, to celebrate South Asian Women in STEM and discuss How do women in STEM stand out among their peers and bring colour to the society?

This issue Ritika Saxena from Murdoch Children Research Institute will tell you her research focusing in haematoportic stem. Prof Venkatesh will give you insight on improving yourself as women of colour im STEM. Prof Asha’s values on joy and happiness will make you enjoy your work as a part of life. This 3rd issue also put spotlight on many female artists from South Asia. You will get deep with the mind behind Sunpower Renewables, Nitasha Badhwar. Don’t miss Megha Bote-Karanjkar journey as international student struggle to build career in STEM. And the success story of one of STEM Sisters volunteers, Neelam Yadav. You can find all of these inspiring stories on our 3rd issue!


What a fantastic feeling as I look back on my journey with STEM  Sisters. Each initiative started with a strong purpose and passion.  Through MAGNIFY, we spotlight incredible STEM women of colour and their success and challenges. Also, create awareness and challenge the systemic barriers imposed on STEM women of colour in Australia.

Our third issue is special as it is dedicated to featuring South Asian STEM Women Of Colour. We collaborated with the Study Melbourne Empowered program and partnered with Study Melbourne Hub India.

STEM sisters will continue to push the boundaries of diversity and inclusion in the Australian STEM sector. We must support women of colour in STEM as it does not just empower these women but also has a huge impact on the Australian economy.

It has been a wild, unexpected, and absolutely fantastic ride and I am very grateful for each and every supporter that I crossed paths with.  A very special thanks to MAGNIFY contributors, STEM Sisters Volunteers and Advisory  Panel members.  Also Study Melbourne for supporting us with this special issue as we shine a light on South Asian STEM women.

It is my hope that you will find these articles as inspiring, encouraging and energising as I found them as I had the privilege of compiling this magazine.


Dr Ruwangi Fernando

STEM Sisters – Founder and Director

MAGNIFY – Editor-in-Chief

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